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Lux Nemus

An interactive projection experience


About Lux Nemus

Lux Nemus is an interactive projection experience and a part of Metsä Group’s visitor centre Pro Nemus. It consists of a collection of custom built walls featuring Metsä’s wood, fibre, and other innovative products.

The product collages are enriched with projections, enabling visitors to interact with the walls through a touch screen. The visitor can highlight individual products and explore and learn more about them through unique light projections.

The core of the installation is to showcase how Metsä Group utilizes every part of a tree as efficiently as possible for the purpose which creates the most value.

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Themed product walls

Each wall of Lux Nemus features a different theme of wood products. All walls together showing the entirety of Metsäs product range.

Product feature highlights
Product feature highlights

Projection graphics and animations add a visual layer of understanding , underlining unique features for product


Highlighting products

Visitors can interact with the installation by selecting a product via touch screen. The wall then reacts, highlighting the selected product with a bespoke animated light projection. Each custom projection reveals unique qualities of the product by showing how the product is used or visualising material features through visual and motion design.

Complementing the projections visitors also have the option to read more about selected wood products on the control screen.

One unified experience

Every interaction through the control screen results in symbiotic projection feedback, creating a coherent and rewarding experience.

Blocking spores

Visualised by blocking spores, SprucePly MouldGuard has resistance to mould and blue stain in humid conditions

Ideal for construction

Blueprint and planning graphics emphasise one of Sawn timbers end uses: Construction sights

Text labels

Labels add context and also enable other visitors not viewing the touch screen to connect projections to product names.

Pouring concrete

Concrete pouring shows BirchPly FormPLUS strength to form smooth surfaced concrete elements

Explore products your way

We designed the control interface to allow exploring products in alternative ways. One option: selecting products via name list.

Protecting electronics

Graphics emphasise protective solutions dedicated to packaging and delivery of consumer electronics

An oven tray of cookies

Baking paper gets filled with cookies to highlight the heat resistant grease proof papers


The control interface

One of the most challenging tasks of the project needed multiple iterations until we came up with a spotlight solution. The hardest thing to solve was to achieve the correct balance of keeping the users attention between the projections on the wall and what was happening on the control touch screen.

This was achieved through coordinating the motion and transitions with millisecond level precision and customized timing for every product.

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Product selection view

Visitors can select products to highlight and learn more about through a stylized representation of the wall in the interface.

Style & Technology

of Lux Nemus

Visual Design

To maximise readability and brightness of the projections in daylight conditions we concentrated on the visual language using clear white shapes and lines sprinkled with Metsä’s signature green as accents.

The key driver in all projections was motion design. Transitions and seamlessly looping animations throughout the installations being essential in displaying unique product features.

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Food service products

Steaming hot cups, ice cream filled cold cups and Metsä’s unique designed plastic-free food plates.

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Side stream products

Following Metsäs commitment on using 100% of the tree, this themed collection features products under the headline of “nothing goes to waste”.

Breaking the mould

Classic projections are non-interactive, usually designed for big surfaces and only work in dark environments, so that light repaints the canvas or a wall or a building, making the surface basically unrecognisable. Lux Nemus breaks all those norms.

All projections are interactive, projected in 3D on top of a multitude of small surfaced objects and instead of covering surfaces we willingly wanted the projections to work in harmony with the wood products keeping textures and form visible in a fairly lit space.

How to make wood glow in 3D

We used Lightform 3D projection mapping technology that allowed us to edit and fit projections as precise as possible to the objects. Giving control on a millimetre precision base and allowing to test animations in realtime.

In the process we fitted up to 200 individual surface masks and created over 430 individual video clips. The result in many cases creating the illusion of wood seeming to glow by itself – instead of a traditional projector impression where basically light is projected flat on top of flat surface.

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Precision on milimeter scale

The human eye is very good in picking up light and just the slightest bleeding of light is noticable. So we had to be precise.

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